Atelier Fischbach

Learning to live with forest (again)

Fieldnotes on designing a forest as home

Anna Maria Fink

Learning to live with forest (again) is a self-published research document about an ongoing personal investigation of Anna Maria Fink: seeking to extend the notion of home towards the forest. It aims to deepen an understanding of people’s bond with land through forest care-taking routines and rituals. The publication is a collection of fieldnotes gathered during the past year’s personal research of Anna Maria Fink, working in forests and through books — an exploration that will span a lifetime, and is shared for the first time within these pages. The photographic essay shows moments of intense personal encounter and collective work. These moments gave insight into the ‘topographic living’ of others and into Anna’s own making of ‘forest as home’. The inner part of the booklet contains materialized thoughts of scientists and artists, friends, the author and ‘her forest’. These pages act both as a scattered collection of findings and as non-literal annotations to the photographic essay. The inserted booklet is an incomplete visual index of the tasks explored during the research with the aim of creating a personal forest taskscape.

Author: Anna Maria Fink

Publisher: Atelier Fischbach

Design: Anna Maria Fink

Dimensions: 17 x 24 cms

Number of pages: 16

Language: English, Dutch, German

Cover: Soft Cover

First year edition: 2021



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